The Ultimate Listing Plan

Want a LOT More Listings?


Want a LOT More Listings???

The Ultimate Listing Plan is a 12 Week interactive webinar course designed to help you create, convert, & take listings in volume! 12 weeks of coaching from 3 national coaches focused on maxing out your listing strategy!

Fun fireside chats (no real fires...🔥) with our experts discussing best practices for dominating ANY listing market! Become the listing King or Queen in your market with THREE top coaches guiding your every step! 

Ultimate Listing Plan

CREATE Listing Leads (with John Pohly)

  • > Get the BEST funnels to power your listing business.
  • > Learn the strategies that TOP teams use to create listing leads online.
  • > Learn how to use social media to create listing leads in VOLUME.

CONVERT for Appointments (with Jeff Richmond)

  • > Script training program PROVEN to set 3 listings appointments / day.
  • > Learn who, when, and what to say to set a LOT MORE appointments.
  • > Access SECRET lead sources your competition doesn't even know about.

CLOSE for Listings (with Lexy Sanchez)

  • > Learn how to take 92 LISTINGS in a year (Lexy did).
  • > Get the emails, follow up, and in-house STRATEGY to close over 90%.
  • > Learn why the traditional listing presentation is DEAD and what's next.



Q: Will all the sessions be available online?? A: Yes! We will archive everything on the members-only site and you'll have LIFETIME access to the content and all of our handouts, brochurse, presentation elements, pdfs, and much more! Win!!

Q: Will this work in my market? My market is more rural..., dense..., suburban..., industrial..., modern..., rustic..., urban..., crowded..., sparse..., etc than yours... A: We have applied these EXACT strategies against all of those markets and everything we cover works across ALL MARKETS. Also, we talk about adjustments to certain variables that must be made to each strategy to get the best results based on your market and how to test so you never lose time or money!

Q: How do I log in to the member's only area... A: Your membership information will come to you once you have submitted your registration form. After we have received your registration, you will gain access to the members only archives with all of the Ultimate Listing Plan documentation and videos.-33

Q: What about a guarantee? A: Each subscription to the Ultimate Listing Plan comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.